#157: Case Study: Decarbonization on the WattCarbon Marketplace

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November 9, 2023

“We’re on sort of a 300 year time frame right now for decarbonizing buildings, and we have about 30. Like honestly, right? So, so what we really need is, you know, more Alans and more DRs, tackling this problem so that we can reach those customers in the moment in which they’re ready to make that replacement and make sure that they’re opting for the lower carbon option.”

—McGee Young

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Episode 157 is a conversation with McGee Young from WattCarbon, Alan Greenberg from GreenSoil Investments, and DR Richardson from Elephant Energy.


Episode 157 features McGee Young from WattCarbon, Alan Greenberg, and DR Richardson from Elephant Energy and is our 7th episode in the Case Study series looking at real-life, large-scale deployments of smart building technologies. These are not marketing fluff stories, these are lessons from leaders that others can put into use in their smart buildings programs. This conversation explores how WattCarbon can bridge the gap for property owners and vendors, while simultaneously validating their decarbonization efforts. Enjoy!

Mentions and Links

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You can find McGeeAlan, and DR on LinkedIn.


Overview (0:51)

Introduction to DR Richardson (1:40)

Where is the decarbonization effort at today (9:12)

Introduction to McGee Young (11:20)

What types of companies are on that side (17:28)

Calculation of carbon savings (18:32)

How does this help decarbonize homes faster (25:26)

Reflections on the conversation (28:25)

What would you say to others considering their options (30:35)

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