Amatis Controls Announces Rebrand To

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Acquiring SotSpor,’s comprehensive IoT lighting control solution will make energy saving technology accessible for OEMs and buildings on a massive scale.

[DETROIT, MICHIGAN, September 20th, 2022]: Amatis Controls, a leading wireless lighting controls company, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding effort and acquisition of SotSpor. Their full-stack IoT lighting solution will be rebranded as and premiering in connection with Lightspec West in Los Angeles, California on September, 21st 2022 as well as at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany this October.

By combining their technology offerings, SotSpor’s patented X-PoE® technology extends Amatis’s 6LoWireless™ mesh, providing a complete solution and the missing link in the lighting space to make energy savings accessible on a worldwide scale, all while improving the experience of occupied spaces. It’s IoT optimized for light. Amatis CEO, Sebastien Gouin-Davis, will assume his same role in the rebrand.

SotSpor founder, Karl Jonsson, will be joining in the acquisition as Chief Strategy Officer. A lighting industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, he’s filed over 70 patents and held senior-level positions at leading companies such as Cisco, Tridonic, and Belkin.

Already working with tier 1 clientele, strong support and growth are anticipated in the future of leveraging X-PoE® with 6LoWireless™. As part of the acquisition, also secured additional funding for new product development.’s new 4,000 sq. ft. showroom and innovation lab will be opening in Costa Mesa, California by the end of the year. The lab space will be shared with partners for testing of thousands of wireless devices and large-scale lighting installations for continued sustainability advancements.

“Most of the U.S. is still installing lights that get turned on and off with switches and leaving energy savings on the table. We think that we’ve got what it takes to enable industry leaders to build innovative products that can reduce carbon footprint with technology that’s both affordable and approachable. Amatis had a solution that was entirely wireless, historically, and we’re getting into the wires business with X-PoE®; which is easy because everything we do is IP-based. We’ve got a whole system that works well together, yet at the same time, our parts are what allow our customers to be able to swap any individual piece out without vertical integration. We’re excited to see what people are going to build with it,” says Gouin-Davis.

“I’m excited to be able to offer a full solution, end-to-end, wireless and wired, working in harmony with our Energy of Things Suite or any other control system. We want to make efficient energy a commodity instead of something reserved for high-end builds or code mandates. We want to be remembered for the company that enabled that to happen,” says Jonsson. builds proven IoT solutions for smarter buildings & spaces. Private demos can be requested at