Minett Capital is a leading investment firm that combines expertise in real estate development and management with venture capital opportunities focused on the growing PropTech market, food and agriculture technology and the increasingly relevant medical technology industry.

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Real Estate Investment

A rich history of high-quality real estate development expertise and execution, building new communities, transforming busy city intersections and incorporating innovative technologies.

Pioneers in PropTech

As one of the world’s biggest asset classes, Real Estate has been slow to adopt innovative change. But we have been at the forefront of the industry for years, incorporating sustainable technology to drive efficiency and reduce environmental impact. In fact, as long time PropTech investors, this is where our investment dollars and real estate expertise converges. We believe the pace of adoption will continue to increase as tried and proven solutions targeting low hanging fruit are now mainstream and early adopter real estate firms are looking for more sophisticated solutions. The result is billions being spent on innovation and even more being spent on implementing PropTech.

Personalized Medicine

Your genes hold the key to ensuring you and those you care about receive only the most effective, safe and tolerable medications – and avoid the rest! Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing identifies which gene variants an individual has inherited, and what that means in terms of which drugs and doses are likely to work best for them.

Alignment of Goals

Whether it’s protecting and growing capital, creating long-term value for our shareholders or aligning our interests with business partners, our team focuses on driving shared success.

Meet our Founder

Alan Greenberg is a seasoned investor, developer and manager of residential real estate, with a passion for incorporating technology and sustainability into his developments. Prior to founding Minett Capital, he spent almost 30 years in progressively senior positions with the Minto Group of Companies, a second-generation family real estate business.

Alan Greenberg